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How to Remove Stains from Carpet: Liquids

How to Remove Stains from Carpet: Liquids

There are thousands of people who will tell you a thousand different ways of removing carpet stains. You can go through Pinterest trying to find the "super secret" stain removal formula so that you never have to worry when you spill that morning cup of coffee, or your spouse drops red wine on the carpet. You will probably make yourself blue in the face (and have a lot less green in your wallet) trying to find that magic bullet.

The truth is elementary. A dry cloth is your best friend for removing liquid stains in the carpet. Stains like red wine, coffee, and juice can all be reduced to nothing with just a cloth, or at least acceptable faded spots that Zerorez© San Diego can remove at your next scheduled cleaning. The other secret is getting to the stain quickly so that you can soak it up before the stain sets in.

Using a Cloth to Get Out Carpet Stains

So many people think that a stain must require some chemical or detergent that we often overdo it when we go to clean up liquid stains. In truth, you need to get to the stain quickly and have a few dry white cloths on hand.

First, identify where the stain is, depending on the type of stain (like a large splash) the stain may be more widespread then what you initially notice. Quickly take a look around the stain to see how far it has spread.

Second, quickly get a dry towel. Fold it in half and apply some pressure to the liquid stain, blot the stain from the outside in with the dry cloth and switch out the cloth as it becomes damp.

Third, repeat this process as many times as necessary until the area is cleaned.

This process can take some time, but it is worth it because there are quite a few downsides to using chemical cleaners and detergents to clean your carpet when you do not have to.

Sometimes the liquid stain may be particularly tough if this is the case we sell a spot removal kit that will leave zero residue in your carpet and is safe for your family. Watch a video from our friends at Zerorez© Puget Sound and see how effective our spot remover is. If you would like to order a kit give us a call at 858-486-4100.

Why You Should Not Use Chemical Cleaners and Detergents on Your Carpet

Our friends over at Zerorez© of St. Lewis Metro have covered this topic wonderfully, here is what they have to say:

No permanent stain removal - While many over-the-counter cleaners may remove spots in your home, it is only temporary. The chemicals used in the cleaners oftentimes lighten the color of your spot and push the mess deeper into your carpet, making it tougher to eventually get out. You might see an improvement in your carpet right away, but once it dries, the spot may reappear.

Bleach spots - We like to think of cleaning carpet just like washing hair. When you wash your hair do you ever step out without rinsing out the soap? No! And that's exactly the same for carpet. Detergent actually bleaches out your carpet and lacks the water to completely wash out the spot which results in discolored bleach marks in your carpet.

Damaged fibers - Oftentimes detergents are filled with chemicals that are too aggressive for carpet. As a result, they will strip the stain collection out of the carpet, which will cause permanent damage to the fibers. This will result in a less healthy and rougher feel.

It is one thing to have a stain that comes back, but it is a real problem when you get bleach spots or damaged fibers in your carpet. You want to avoid these problems because bleached areas and damaged fibers are permanent. Stains can be removed, and if you can't remove them, Zerorez© San Diego can!

Call Zerorez© San Diego When the Stain is Too Tough

Sometimes you will encounter some particularly awful liquid stains in your carpet. Don't risk causing permanent damage to your carpet. Zerorez© San Diego can help you get it out while keeping your carpets healthy and happy because we never use harsh chemicals or detergents in your carpet. Instead, we used Powered Water©, which is water that has been filtered and combined with a sodium ion to create the cleaning power of detergents, but without the residue. Our cleaning process works, and your carpets will stay cleaner longer than when you use our competitors, just ask our customers!

"I've used Zerorez exclusively for over a decade now. There is no residue ever left to collect dirt, their water system dries twice as fast, and all of this leads to my carpet lasting longer (current carpet is 17 years old and looks great). Lastly, their techs a so professional and considerate, I enjoy having them in my home." (TamelaKN)

"Zerorez is the best, I've tried them all. They are so accommodating and easy to work with when scheduling. I recently called to schedule their 3 room special, but what I needed was 1 room, Stairs and a Hallway. Any other company would have said NO or charged more (i.e. Stanley Steamer), but Zerorez gave me exactly what I wanted by adding in another promo for free. That kind of customer service wins customers for life. In addition to great customer service, the carpet cleaning is even better. I have kids and dogs that track dirt and everything in on the carpets. Zerorez is the only cleaner that completely removes the dirt and stains and makes the carpet look and feel new. The guys doing the cleaning are prompt, friendly and do a great job. I highly recommend Zerorez, you can't go wrong!" (Kent Carruthers)

"Javier did a fantastic job! My carpets look as if I just had them installed instead of just getting them cleaned. I would recommend Zerorez to anyone looking to have a high-quality job done that other carpet companies just can't provide." (Hol H)

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