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Pros and Cons to Tile Floors vs. Other Kinds of Floors

Pros and Cons to Tile Floors vs. Other Kinds of Floors

The Best Kind of Flooring

All in all, your lifestyle will be the number one thing to determine what floors are best for you. Do you prefer a soft carpet surface for your kids to play on? Or is a nice rug atop a classy hardwood floor enough? Maybe you have guests over frequently and prefer a nice hard surface that is easy to clean. In that case, you may choose tile or granite flooring. Our hope is that in this article you will gain a better idea of what kind of flooring is best for you while taking into consideration how each flooring needs to be taken care of. Happy analyzing!

Tile Flooring

Tile is a very convenient type of flooring to choose. This is because it is generally easy to keep clean because dirt and debris can easily be swept or vacuumed without getting stuck on the hard surface of the tile. Tile flooring is an especially popular surface for bathroom and kitchen floors because it is waterproof. Those are some pretty good reasons to choose tile! But what are the cons of having tile in your home? Tile is a very hard surface. When wet it can become very slippery, and if you fall it would be easy to get hurt on the hard surface. Because the surface of tile is very hard, it doesn't retain heat well. This can make tile flooring physically feel uncomfortable on your feet making it less desirable.

After taking into consideration the pros and cons of tile, if tile turns out to be a surface you choose to have in your house, it is important that you know how to keep it clean! Tile flooring should be swept and mopped regularly. This will keep the floors looking smooth and nice. After a while, even though your floors may still feel smooth to walk on because you have been good at keeping dirt and crumbs off the tile, if you look closely you will see that grime will start to form a thin layer across the surface. In addition to the layer of grime across the surface, the grout of your tile is most likely to have collected even more dirt and grime due to its rough texture. When you notice these things happening to your tile, you will know that it is time to hire a professional to give your tile flooring a thorough cleaning. Here at Zerorez San Diego, we specialize not only in carpet cleaning but in hard surface cleaning as well. This includes the cleaning of hard surface flooring, granite countertops, bathroom tiles, shower tile, and any other type of floor tiles. We will use our Powered Water® technology to lift off ALL of the "hard to remove grime" that has gotten stuck to your tile and grout. Our processes will confidently leave you with a safe and effective premium cleaning, a faster drying surface, and floors that shine like new for you and your guests.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are a beautiful and traditional choice of flooring that never seems to go out of style. It is a surface that looks good on its own, or you can spice it up by adding a rug over the top. Because of the material, hardwood floors are a more comfortable surface and don't get cold like tile. Hardwood flooring is known to be a good investment for a home because it raises the value of homes.

In spite of all the pros of hardwood flooring, there are also some reasons that may make this flooring less appealing. It is common for hardwood to creak when walked on if floorboards rub against each other - this means the floor is in need of a lubricant. Hardwood floors are a more delicate floor surface that can be scratched easier than other surfaces. It is important to be aware that the furniture you choose to use on your floors have the proper padding beneath them to avoid scratches or dents becoming a problem. One of the biggest things to be aware of with these floors are that they are prone to water damage because they are not water-resistant. Clean up spills in a timely manner and make sure that you do not use improper cleaning techniques on your hardwood floors. At Zerorez San Diego we know how to properly take care of your hardwood floors. We use a safe and environmentally friendly alkaline water, called Powered Water®, to clean the surface along with a microfibre cleaning tool that will help us clean between the fine grain of your flooring. Powered Water® dries fast leaving you with no worry about water damage. After cleaning your floors with Zerorez, your hardwood floors will shine once again!


Carpet is a classy, comfortable, and inviting surface to choose for the floors of your home. Because there are so many options for styles and colors of carpet, it can add a lot of character to your home. The one hard thing about carpet is that it can be hard to keep clean. Carpet fibers easily catch onto sticky residues from spills, dirt from shoes, and pretty much anything else that touches the carpet. Spot cleaning may be necessary from time to time. Vacuuming frequently is a must. But even after keeping up on cleaning your carpets yourself, to really keep your carpet flooring clean it is best that you hire a professional to come in and clean your floors once or twice a year. Here at Zerorez Carpet Cleaning San Diego, we are experts at how to clean your carpets in a way that will make your cleaning last longer. How is that possible you may ask? It is all possible by using Powered Water® instead of harsh chemicals, soaps, steam, detergents, or anything else that is prone to attract bacteria and dirt particles that over time make your carpets worse because they leave behind over 200% more residue than Zerorez. We have mastered a process that will give your floors a cleaning that will last longer, dry faster, and create a safer surface for you and your family.


No matter what flooring you choose for your home, you can feel confident knowing that Zerorez can clean it all. Using our outperforming processes and techniques, your carpets, tile flooring, hardwood flooring, granite, and all other surfaces will be safely and effectively taken care of by us. Make an appointment today to see how Zerorez will improve the quality of your floors and the quality of your life.

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