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How to Make the Worst Stains Disappear

How to Make the Worst Stains Disappear

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday with a delicious meal served with your closest family and friends. I hope you didn't have any disastrous spills on your carpet. One of the most dreaded is red wine. It's almost inevitable that someone will knock a large glass of red wine on your white carpet.

If that happened, don't despair. Everything is not lost. Zerorez has come to the rescue for hundreds of our customers. First step for you is to extract as much as possible from the carpet, one of the best methods is with a wet dry or shop-vac. You'll be amazed how well this tool sucks out the wine. Then us a small amount of plain water to dab the stain with a cotton ball or paper towel. Dab, don't rub. If that doesn't work you may need to give San Diego Zerorez a call.

One of our best methods is the heat transfer method. That requires blotting the stain as quickly as possible to remove as much of the liquid as you are able. When we arrive we will apply a product specially designed for removing organic dyes and will then put a damp cotton towel over the stain and use heat (generally a steam iron) to lift the stain out of the carpet and into the towel fibers. This will often take several applications, but the result is generally quite effective.

The most important point is to get to the stain as quickly as possible, ideally before it dries. There is also a difference as to whether the stain is organic or synthetic. Organic stains such as red wine, coffee and other items from nature usually need an oxidizing agent to help remove the stain, along with an iron and damp towel. Care needs to be exercised with oxidizing agents since they can actually bleach carpet fibers if not used correctly. If you dump every cleaning product you have in the house on the stain you may "set" the stain making it impossible to remove.

Synthetic stains such as Kool-Aid, medicines, cosmetics, and colored fruit drinks (not natural fruit juices) require a reducing agent to get rid of the stain. Both organic and synthetic stains can be removed if treated quickly and with the right product, using the correct method. It is generally advisable to have a company that is very experienced with these problems come and treat the spill.

If you have a spill or a spot you need help with, give Zerorez a call. We are here to help and we are experts in problems like red wine spills. Call us at 858-486-4100 if you have a problem or simply a question. We are here to help. You can also find us on the web at

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