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Halloween and the Day After

Halloween and the Day After

Halloween and the day after have to be one of the biggest cleaning days of the year. Your children stomp in muddy messes then stomp on the carpet, leave sugar coated residue all over the tile, themselves, and even the dog! Goo from your rotting jack-'o-lantern is stuck to the front steps and smeared on your rugs. If Halloween zombies forgot to take the candy bars off the sofa and you sat on them you have a real mess to clean. Problems solved with Zerorez.

Mud messes on carpet are a problem for everyone but not for Zerorez. Of course, the first rule of thumb is to have people take their muddy shoes off before they walk on the carpet. But sometimes children are excited and forget. They are too excited about running in the house to dump their candy on the carpet and see what they got. Once the mess is made the solution is to call Zerorez. Zerorez uses a green, non-toxic cleaning solution called Powered Water. This solution safely penetrates carpet fibers lifting the mud and dirt out of your carpet. The solution is applied and extracted with a powerful wand. The carpet backing doesn't even get wet which makes for a very fast dry time. Using Powered water keeps your carpet free of sticky residue. You save money because the carpet stays clean longer.

Tacky tile can be very annoying. Your feet stick, your shoes slide and the grout gums up. You can try scrubbing, buffing and soaking but often the sticky messes won't budge. Get a head start on the monster mess. Zerorez has an exceptional tile cleaning system using hot Powered water to safely suction away the sticky mess with no residue left behind. Zerorez cleans up dirty grout and then they reseal it to keep it clean longer. Your tile will be sparkling clean until the next round of zombies stomp through.

Pumpkin goo smeared on your area rug is a real problem. Thank heavens the guys at Zerorez can clean and refresh area rugs. Their Powered water process removes all the gunk and leaves the rug feeling soft and smelling fresh. Their non-toxic protectant will help keep the goo from sticking should the pumpkin guts get smeared again.

If you sat on the melted chocolate bar on the sofa don't sweat. Zerorez has a spectacular upholstery cleaning method. Using our non-toxic Powered water, we safely clean and refresh your sofa, loveseat or chairs. We even get chocolate out of the upholstery in your car.

Cleaning Halloween messes doesn't need to be stressful. Your friends at Zerorez are here to safely secure your home from sticky messes until next Halloween. Go online today for our current special. View our carpet cleaning services here

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